Internal PPE

As the world continues to change and the coronavirus crisis continues, we must continue to protect ourselves and our neighbors. As much as we would love things to go back to “normal” this is a journey that we must take on day by day and slowly and cautiously.PPE has been on our minds and in [...]

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COVID 19: Our response, Resources & Updates

We will be updating this frequently as we learn more! Continue to stay safe, stay healthy,  wash your hands, and continue to practice physical distancing. #stayhometexas Connection without Infection: Free weekly Zoom Group Social/ physical distancing should not equal social isolation! Let's stay connected! Beginning next week we will be meeting via zoom for [...]

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In my experience as a Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner, I have observed an increase in all sorts of health concerns in recent years- especially in our children. From food allergies, gut dysfunction, immune compromise, resistant allergies, and neuro-inflammation sometimes after typical infections. As a mom of young children and a Functional Medicine Certified practitioner, [...]

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Functional Medicine: A Refreshing & Modern Approach to Medicine

What exactly is Functional Medicine and how do we integrate it into our practice? Functional Medicine uses an evidence based, systems biological approach to identify and address underlying causes of diseases- and is grounded in the belief that the patient is at the center of their own health journey. In Functional & Integrative Medicine, [...]

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Connecting your Goals to Yourself

With the New Year comes a new beginning with endless possibilities. “This is the year! I am finally going to ____!” Then a few months pass by, and nothing has really changed- what’s the deal? Thoughts of shame creep in “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I stick to anything?” First of all, I [...]

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Trick or Treat

Fall has officially arrived! The cooler weather is here and is welcomed by myself and my family! My kids now are focused on pumpkin patches, baking cookies, and getting ready for Halloween. I too have fallen into a more relaxed, comfort-food driven mode. Growing up in the Midwest, the arrival of fall meant casseroles, crockpot [...]

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Feed My Growing Brain

Back to school means back to the grind of figuring out what to put on the table! It needs to be healthy, well rounded, yet palatable and easy to grab and go. The fridge and pantry need to be stocked with ingredients for a quick fix breakfast, packable lunches, after school snacks, and dinner- My [...]

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