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LIVE IT Learning

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This collection is curated from highly trusted sources, and it’s information Dr. Reardon believes in. To access this materials, use the password from your Welcome Packet or contact Corrie to get it by email. Then, click the Register button below to get started!


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Learning is one of the hallmarks of Dr. Julie Reardon’s LIVE IT Philosophy. Being responsible for your health means understanding why you should make certain decisions.

Learning is a lifelong process. Knowledge of what it takes to stay healthy in our modern world is growing and changing constantly. Yet being Dr. Google and discerning what is real and what is hype can be exhausting. This is why Dr. Julie has curated this trusted information for her patients.


Welcome to a whole new way of partnering with your doctor. In her years of experience, Dr. Julie has seen that when patients understand the science behind their condition, they are able to fully collaborate and lend insights only they know about their lives and their bodies.

This understanding fuels the partnered decision-making that is a key part of the therapeutic relationship that is the foundation of Integrative and Functional Medicine.


Self-education saves time and therefore, money. When you take the time to learn more about a particular medical topic, your consultation time can be maximized with more decision-making discussions versus teaching time.

Your valuable time spent with Dr. Julie becomes more efficient and effective. Feel better faster and spend less time and money on consultations by learning what you need to know to make lifestyle changes that support vibrant health!