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About Corrie Howell

Corrie Howell is passionate about empowering people to live healthy lifestyles. She is a Certified Health & Wellness Specialist and Functional Medicine Health Coach at Lake Travis Integrative Medicine.

Opening Safely Announcement

As we slowly begin to offer in-office visits again, Lake Travis Integrative Medicine wants to be sure we do our part to protect our patients and our staff. We will continue to offer telemedicine and video appointments by default, however, in office appointments are available by request. We are following the Texas Medical Board’s [...]

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Functional Medicine: A Refreshing & Modern Approach to Medicine

What exactly is Functional Medicine and how do we integrate it into our practice? Functional Medicine uses an evidence based, systems biological approach to identify and address underlying causes of diseases- and is grounded in the belief that the patient is at the center of their own health journey. In Functional & Integrative Medicine, [...]

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Connecting your Goals to Yourself

With the New Year comes a new beginning with endless possibilities. “This is the year! I am finally going to ____!” Then a few months pass by, and nothing has really changed- what’s the deal? Thoughts of shame creep in “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I stick to anything?” First of all, I [...]

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INCORPORATE: Five healthy lifestyle changes for good health

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try - John F. Kennedy One of the key principles in Dr. Julie Reardon's LIVE IT Philosophy, and the first "I" word in that acronym is the idea, INCORPORATE. The LIVE IT Philosophy is something Dr. Reardon coined years ago to help her remember the Integrative Medicine model [...]

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