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Dr. Julie Reardon looks at the whole health picture of an individual in the context of their social support and life situation and utilizes the best of conventional medicine and complementary medicine to create comprehensive solutions.

Direct Primary Care

Dr. Reardon offers concierge style medicine at an affordable price at her West Austin location in Lakeway. Once seen in person, patients may also access brief followup care by email or phone, depending on personal preferences. Our various types of visits and rates are further described on the Practice Information and Video Visits page.

Interested in becoming a patient?  Please see the New Patient page for more information.

Medical Advocate & Liaison

Doctor Julie is a knowledgeable subject matter expert on all aspects of medicine. She is skilled at interpreting healthcare data, communicating with other medical providers and representing you or your loved ones’ integrated health interests both at home or in the hospital setting.

Also a consultant and partner to other physicians, Dr. Reardon is available to assist with patients that are stuck, need a second opinion, or temporarily need more hands-on care than many current clinical models are able to provide.

Passionate Speaker & Educator

Dr. Reardon is an experienced speaker for both the general public, as well as industry and professional medical audiences. Find more information on her Speaking page.

She also leads a community wellness group and holds small group wellness sessions.