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Video Visits/Telemedicine

We’re thrilled at Lake Travis Integrative Medicine to be able to offer our patients secure video visits from the convenience of your smartphone or computer!

While we love it when you visit us in the office, we understand that it’s not always convenient to do so. Video visits with Dr. Reardon allow you to receive the same quality care as you do in the clinic, without taking time off work or finding a sitter to see us or driving in traffic. Telemedicine also allows us to serve patients that do not live in our region.

What is Telemedicine?

A video visit (also called “telemedicine”) is appropriate for many types of appointments, especially follow-up, to discuss lab results, get quick advice, and minor urgent care.

Like our other visits, we do not contract with insurance for video visits; however we can provide a superbill if your insurance reimburses for this type of visit.  The charge is the same as if you did a visit over the phone, or in person, and is based on the time you and Dr. Reardon spend together.


Now, for the same cost as a phone or in-office visit, you can have a face-to-face video appointment on a HIPAA compliant platform.

  • Initial Consultation:  675.00, includes up to 2 hours of dedicated visit
  • Extended follow up: 35-50 minutes, 325.00
  • Brief follow up: up to 30 minutes, 225.00

For complete appointment policies and details, please see the Practice Information page.

Health Coach Corrie Howell and Wellness Counselor Allison Peacock also work via video. See those pages for rate information.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule a telemedicine or video visit, please visit our video portal or call our front desk to schedule by phone: (512) 850-6963.

Confirm Your Info

Look out for an email or text from Chiron Health, our video platform partner. Then, log in to their website using your favorite device. You will then confirm your info and set up account on the Chiron Health platform.

See Doctor Julie

The first time you use the service, you should log in 15 minutes before your video visit in order to complete the registration process.  Come prepared with questions for Dr. Reardon.

New to Our Office?

Interested in becoming a new patient? Please learn more on the New Patient page or call the office to make an appointment now to get started.

Live Outside of the Area?

With today’s technology quickly turning the world into one big village, it’s easy to understand why we get inquiries from out of town patients, even those in states outside of Texas. Dr. Reardon is happy to treat patients who live outside of Austin; however, there are certain state laws that limit the services she can provide in these kinds of visits. Texas law allows her to see via video any patient who wants to create a doctor-patient relationship. Whether or not she can prescribe medications depends on the laws of the state in which you currently reside.

All Texas residents can be treated as if they lived locally; however, in most out of state cases, she acts as a specialized Integrative Medicine consultant, sending paperwork and a report to the physician of your choice at home. Any prescriptions required can then be ordered by your local physician.

If you live out of state and want to discuss visiting us in person for a personalized healing intensive, we work with nearby hotels and a wide variety of affiliated practitioners to deliver a total wellness experience worth traveling for!