The Active Austin Podcast with Dr. Jarod Carter

Doctor Julie was recently a guest on The Active Austin Podcast  with Dr. Jarod Carter of  Carter Physiotherapy. The podcast brings together Austin-based fitness and health care professionals for interviews about the latest trends and information to help Austinites improve their health, fitness, and wellbeing. Her interview covered the gamut from her educational background to insights into Doctor [...]

Let’s talk about sunscreen

Even though sunscreen is needed all year round to protect vulnerable skin - the largest organ in our bodies - it’s especially on everyone’s minds now that summer is in full swing. According to new research two of the most common types of skin cancer are on the rise. This means it’s more important than [...]

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Summer office closings

The office will be closed on the following days during the summer break to accommodate Dr. Reardon’s travel schedule and give staff time with their families: Friday, June 2 Tuesday June 27, 2017 Monday July 3 - Friday July 7 Friday July 28 We apologize for any inconvenience these brief closings may cause, and we [...]

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Limited Time Opportunity: Map Your Health Timeline

Lake Travis Integrative Medicine is testing a system that we believe will benefit our patients, as well as help our staff deliver better patient care more efficiently. LivingMatrix™ is a powerful, cloud-based tool that enables patients to easily document the unfolding phenomena that lead to ill health – a process that often occurs over many [...]

The ABC’s of SNP’s: The basics of using genetic information in my practice

You may or may not have heard about how genetic information can be used as a guide to improve and maintain your health.  Likely you’ve heard of testing for the BRCA gene that predisposes breast cancer, or newborn testing for inborn errors of metabolism. The potential for using genetic data for managing your health goes [...]

We’ve Moved!

Dr. Reardon recently moved her office from the Oakmont location to R.R. 620 in Lakeway in order to expand the space she offers for her patients' wellness needs. In addition to much needed extra treatment rooms and a larger waiting area, the new office will include a classroom for mindfulness, yoga, and other group classes. The new location is within the Stewart Title Building [...]

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