There are several new medical practice models out there and I wanted to explain a few of them and how my practice has elements of each of them. I have blended these concepts to best serve my patients in a sustainable way. I also recognize that by taking care of myself, I will continue to be the best physician I can be for my patients.

My personal practice style allows me to be authentic to who I am and the medical care I want to provide for my patients. Thus, while we can use some of the benefits of the insurance model, we are not dependent on it. My practice calls on some of the best of the following models:

This is probably the best term to describe my practice. Originally the term came from French, and means a caretaker for a small apartment or hotel. It has evolved in medicine to be a sometimes very pricey pre-pay retainer medical practice that allows the doctor to spend more time with his or her patients.

I love more time; yet “very pricey” prevents those who may need me most from getting to me. There are many forms of concierge practice, some of which also bill insurance in addition to the retainer fee. My practice offers the benefits of concierge medicine without the high price-tag. I do offer an annual affordable retainer-like program to interested patients. Consistent with concierge practice, while I can help care for some acute medical issues, the focus is wellness-based, not just caring for illness.

This simply means a small practice with little or no staff. It is small and simple. It simplifies the care, keeps the overhead low and is absolutely patient-centered.

Direct Primary Care
DPC also does not deal with insurance. It has direct clear fees for patient care. I have the same, with mine as an hourly rate for the time I spend with you or on your case. I also have a list of lab fees if you choose to use them.

Consult Practice
In addition to all of these listed above, my practice also allows consultation-only. This means that you can keep your primary care doctor. I will work as a specialist of sorts and offer knowledge that will help you to integrate all of your care or solve a long-standing problem, all while working with your other doctors.

Drawing from all of these models, I think my practice is the best of all worlds for you and for me. It is a unique model; private and individualized for both of us. For me it works with my personality, years of experience, and knowledge. For you, I look at you as an individual and help you find what works best for your body.

The best way to understand my unique practice is to experience it. I invite you to make an appointment today!