I can’t believe it’s May and that summer is just around the corner!

As Mother’s Day approaches, I wanted to pause and express deep gratitude for mothers everywhere, and those women in our lives who are nurturing, loving, inspiring and supportive.

When I think of mothers I think of families and I am so grateful for my family and the blessings and growth that come from being a mom. I also reflect upon my roots and training as a Family Medicine physician and that we all experience health and health challenges in the context of family in many different ways.

Our families are inextricably linked to our health. I always ask patients about their family histories, as that informs each of our stories. As I evaluate my patients, I weave in genomics and genetic patterns along with environmental triggers and surroundings to help guide treatments. Our practice is a place where we can treat the whole family and mitigate family history risks with multiple lifestyle approaches.

As part of recognizing mothers and the importance of family, I wanted to remind you all of our new addition to our Lake Travis Integrative Medicine Family: Nurse Practitioner Theresa Hernandez.

Theresa is an amazing compliment to our team with her experience, intelligence and compassion. If you have family members or close friends that would benefit from our approach but have hesitated to call and make an appointment, please let them know we would love to see them. We would like to encourage them to set up a free 15-minute introductory “get to know you” phone call.

We have so much unique to offer here at Lake Travis Integrative Medicine that it’s sometimes a challenge to communicate it all. We are able to complement your family’s current health care approach or help you create a whole new holistic version. You get to choose.

After all – being able to choose how you get and stay well is one of the tenets of Integrative Medicine.

Blessings to you in this month of nurturing!