Today is Memorial Day and amid the barbeques and celebration of the beginning of summer, there is something very powerful about today. It is an opportunity to pause and truly consider those who have lost their lives in service to our country.

Think about it. They sacrificed their lives for you and me.  I know today is different from Veteran’s Day when we celebrate all who have served our nation, but I also think about those Veteran’s and current servicemen and women who had part of themselves die in service to our country.  They are living but experiencing something called PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The trauma of what they have witnessed, the physical, mental and even spiritual impact on them, their families and our country is worthy of a least a moment of our time and reflection.

If you haven’t seen the movie Escape Fire, I strongly encourage you to take a look.  It takes an interesting perspective on our health care system and military health care.

Protecting our boundaries, our values, our rights is something important nationally.  It is also something important personally.  Pausing and being mindful about patterns and sacrifice are part of what today is about.

Let’s take the time to acknowledge the journey for all of us.