The Active Austin Podcast with Dr. Jarod Carter

Doctor Julie was recently a guest on The Active Austin Podcast  with Dr. Jarod Carter of  Carter Physiotherapy. The podcast brings together Austin-based fitness and health care professionals for interviews about the latest trends and information to help Austinites improve their health, fitness, and wellbeing. Her interview covered the gamut from her educational background to insights into Doctor [...]

Let’s talk about sunscreen

Even though sunscreen is needed all year round to protect vulnerable skin - the largest organ in our bodies - it’s especially on everyone’s minds now that summer is in full swing. According to new research two of the most common types of skin cancer are on the rise. This means it’s more important than [...]

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Ubiqutious CoEnzyme Q10: from statins, to migraines, to Parkinson’s…to house cleaning?

Ubiquitous means existing or being everywhere at the same time.  And that is where the chemical name for CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10) came from: ubiquinone, because it is an enzyme found in every cell  in the body. That sure sounds integrative, doesn’t it?  And for reasons related to is ubiquity, CoQ10 has become one of my [...]

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Beyond Yogurt: Probiotics and the Microbiome

As a typical middle child I have always sought to “maintain calm in the family” and be the peacemaker. As a physician, I was trained in a traditional way to view external bacteria as “bad” and something we protect our bodies from. Over the years, my perspective and the science on both approaches has evolved. [...]

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