Educational Resources for Patients

Free Learning Resources

Free Online Learning by AWCIM
Body of Wonder Podcast by Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine

About Supplements

Omega3 Fatty Acid (Fish Oil)
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
Supplement Tips

Microbiome/Gut Health

Probiotics Fact Sheet from the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
The Five R’s for Gut Normalization from the Institute for Functional Medicine
Dietary Management of the Microbiome
Leaky Gut

Condition Specific Education

Autoimmune Conditions
Emotional Eating
Gluten Sensitivity
Heavy Metal Assessment
High Cholesterol
Metabolic Syndrome
Post Traumatic Stress
Factors that affect Thyroid Function
Testing for Low Stomach Acidity


Phytonutrient Spectrum Checklist
Desk Exercises
Understanding Food Labels
4-7-8 Breath Exercise
An Integrative Approach to Sleep
Anti-Inflammatory Pyramid
Building a Better Smoothie
Dietary Tips – Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Goal Setting for Behavior Change
Future Diary
Meditation – How to Get Started
Understanding Food Labels
Suicide Prevention Resources 
Stress Relief/ Deep Breathing for Kids (& All Ages)
Nitric Oxide Dump Exercise
Heart Math Resources
Continuous Glucose Monitoring
EFT Tapping

Broken Brain Documentary

Full Transcript of Video Series

Food Plan

Elimination Diet Comprehensive Guide
Elimination Diet – Weekly Planner Recipes
Elimination Diet
Elimination Diet – Food List 30
Low-FODMAP Food Plan
Overview of the Low-FODMAP Diet
SIBO Specific Diet: Food Guide
Core Food Plan – Comprehensive Guide
Mito Food Plan – Weekly Planner and Recipes
Mito Food Plan Comprehensive Guide
Mito Food Plan
Cardiometabolic Food Plan – Comprehensive Guide
Cardiometabolic Food Plan
Food Reintroduction Tracker
Gluten Free Bread recipe
Better Butter recipe
Free Wellness Guides by Thorne