It’s amazing to have an idea or goal and to see it evolve, and then to see it finally become reality. Often it takes a lot longer than we’d imagined. Sometimes there are completely unimagined hurdles to overcome. Has that ever happened to you? This can often happen with all kinds of goals – whether health, personal, or career goals.

Well it happened with me in my process to build a new office in Lakeway. It seemed the roadblocks would never end. And yet after a year of plotting, planning, and dreaming I am finally here with a wonderful staff and space to manifest my vision for this medical practice.

A very sweet part of that vision has been my group room, otherwise known as the Namaste Room. Namaste in Hindi means, “I bow to the divine in you.” Having a space for group visits and for community is so essential to healing and to my personal way of practicing medicine. I am so excited to have this space to share and help us expand our options for gathering in small groups.

We have so much to offer each other. Connection with others in a safe place gives a vibration much more powerful than any medication, vitamin or supplement.

We recently had another Exhale Luncheon in the group room.How exciting it’s been for me to see the magic happen when a group gathers in my new space! We’ve also had a Stress Buster workshop and a lecture on Ayurveda. Another thing we use the space for is that we host the Functional Forum for Austin. This monthly event for like minded professionals fosters community for me and my staff, and helps keep us inspired.

In one of our first events, we partnered with a drumming expert for a group drumming and meditation. I felt such happiness beating in my heart as we beat the drums in a circle in our beautiful Namaste Room. I feel deep gratitude and excitement about what more is to come when I think about this holy and holistic space. I am so thankful to be able to share this with my patients and the public.

Come join me!