In the ever-evolving science of Genomics, Dr. Julie strives to keep up to date with the latest and most accurate tools and offerings in this field. We are very excited to share with you a unique offering that we at Lake Travis Integrative Medicine have added to our practice. We are now offering genomics using IntellxxDNA.  You may have already reviewed your genomic information with Dr. Julie and while we have used other genomic tools in the past, we believe this one is truly the most current & comprehensive of its kind. This type of genomic analysis differs from popular direct-to-consumer tests in that it analyzes over 20,000 SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) within your DNA, with particular attention to combinatorial effects and potential preventions and interventions. If you are data driven and want to take your personalized care plan to the next level, or if you are feeling stuck this might be a great tool to add to your tool belt to learn more about your health.

Direct-to-consumer genomics tests are great first steps for many patients, however these tests don’t tell the whole story. This testing provides comprehensive, clinical-focused knowledge of health risks and benefits within your genetic makeup.

Genomics is ever-evolving, complex and needs to be assessed within the context of a range of factors affecting your health and wellbeing, including health history, current health profile, lifestyle, nutrition and other medical considerations. This tool can provide a foundation for planning the right personalized approach to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

Your DNA is not your destiny- but it can be a powerful clinical decision tool for us to work collaboratively with to optimize your health. learn more:

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IntellxxDNA Brain Optimization & Medical Executive Combination Report $1250.00

*price includes a $50 administrative fee. Consultations to review reports billed separately.

*Results normally take 6-8 weeks