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Rhythm & Resonance™: Sound Healing for Consciousness-Based Wellness


Therapeutic Group Drumming and Meditative Sonic Immersion at Lake Travis Integrative Medicine

Saturday, March 4th – 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Lake Travis Integrative Medicine



Did you know?

Stress is one of the most common health issues today, chronic stress can have long-lasting unhealthy consequences—compromising your sleep, your immune system, your physical health, and your emotional wellbeing. According to the noted cellular biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, over 95% of all disease-related ailments in this country are created by stress.

According to research, a one-hour session of therapeutic group drumming reduces stress and has been clinically shown to reverse the genetic effects of stress by REVERSING 19 genetic switches that trigger the stress response.

Benefits of therapeutic group drumming include:

▪ Builds community

▪ Significantly improves immune system

▪ Enhances communication

▪ Reduces stress and the stress hormone Cortisol

▪ Improves mood

Also, according to research, meditative sonic immersion sessions have been clinically shown to reduce stress and create an overall feeling of peace.

Benefits of sonic immersion sessions include:

▪ Reduces pain and pain-related symptoms

▪ Reduces heart rate

▪ Slows respiration rate and optimizes oxygen consumption

▪ Lowers blood pressure

▪ Relaxes muscles

“The highest goal of music is to connect one’s soul to their Divine Nature”.–Pythagoras (569-475 BC)

Songs, Drums, Gongs and Singing Bowls have been used for thousands of years in meditation, ceremony, healing, and ritual. Music has the power to ‘heal’… to ‘make whole’. And we are now learning, though modern research, that music relieves stress, reduces anxiety, and creates a feeling of wellbeing and inner peace. Sound and music are nutrients for the nervous system and the soul. Come immerse yourself in the healing atmosphere of this sonic experience of relaxation, restoration, and realization designed to use music, rhythm, song, sounds and frequencies to create balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We will begin with an empowering interactive, therapeutic, group drumming experience designed to reduce stress. You will be guided through a 10 step interactive drumming experience, developed to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual components of restoring a sense of inner balance.

Immediately after the interactive group drumming experience, we will conclude with meditative sonic immersion. A meditative sonic immersion, or sound bath, has been shown to reduce pain, lower stress levels and to promote healing. During the meditative sonic immersion, you experience a wide range of sonic the reverberating, low frequencies of drums and gongs and the ethereal sounds of chimes, bells,will replace and singing bowls. You are completely immersed in sound, allowing you to reach a meditative state quickly. This “wall of sound” will wash away tension and negativity and will replace them with positivity, peace, and harmony.

“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life” – Ludwig van Beethoven


Led by: Erik Dunton, REMO Endorsed HealthRHYTHMS® Facilitator
Holistic Restorative Musician and Motivational Drummer

No prior musical experience necessary, instruments will be provided!
Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat, pillows, and/or blankets.

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