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Paradigm Shift: COVID19 as an Opportunity to Leverage Integrative Medicine into our Next Era of Health Care


This time of COVID is an opportunity to leverage integrative medicine as your tool for more robust health and to reduce risk factors you can control. The challenges of this pandemic have unmasked the key vulnerabilities of chronic disease and are a wake up call for all of us.There are underlying conditions that seem to be higher risk factors for severity or complications from this coronavirus and include hypertension, obesity, immune compromise, high blood sugar and inflammation. These risk factors result from the complex interaction of individual genetics, lifestyle, environment, diet, and the social determinants of disease. Integrative medicine addresses these and we will in our session.


The goal of this program is to empower you. In this program, we will:


>Review the principles and benefits of Integrative Medicine

>Provide tools to shift away from chronic disease risks

>Review risk factors and solutions through an integrative approach

>Look at chronic inflammation and its interaction with viral insult

>Share ways to pull out the integrative essence in all of us as we answer the wake up call and be proactive

Sept 16 (W)
$45 (Pre-registration required)
Presented Virtually via Zoom

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