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An introduction to Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) with Leigh Ann Cobb (Certified Provider of Trauma Release Exercise)

A gentle & powerful way to shake off stress

Leigh Ann will guide us through an overview of the body’s response to trauma. We will explore the inherent physiologic responses of freeze, fight, or flight- whether to traumatic events or everyday stresses, and their impact when we fail to re-regulate our nervous system.

A TRE® Session: Learn about the founder and theory followed by experiencing TRE®: seven exercises set up the last phase of the involuntary mechanism by which the deepmuscular release occurs.

Debrief: Share insights of your experience and hear from others. Leigh Ann will field any questions you may have and how to continue TRE® if interested.


Saturday, May 4th 2pm-4pm

Lake Travis Integrative Medicine

$50 per person

Limited Spots Available! RSVP to join@laketravisintegrative.com

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat.


For more information on TRE: https://traumaprevention.com/video-testmonials/

Learn more about Leigh Ann and her practice: https://soulunleash.com/

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