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Integrative and Functional Medicine – Physician Consultation

Dr. Reardon offers a very personalized style of Integrative and Functional Medicine-informed Primary Care Consulting at our West Austin location in Lakeway.

New Patient appointments can be scheduled for in-person or via video.  After the initial consultation, followup visits can also be made by phone call.

For a detailed look at exactly what Primary Care Consulting means, please see Dr. Reardon’s post about her unique PCC model on our blog.


  • Initial Consultation:  795.00 includes 90-120 minutes of dedicated initial visit
  • In-office Follow Up: Up to 60 minutes, 395.00
  • Video Visits/Telemedicine & Phone follow ups: 95.00 for up to 10 minutes; 10 to 20 minutes 190.00; 20 to 30 min 285.00, 30-50 minutes 395.00

Medical Management Service

We now offer a 95.00 medical service for between visits. Because we know that it’s not always practical to schedule a visit when refills are needed several months after a visit, or you need extra medical advice from Dr. Reardon between appointments.

This service covers clinical advice or prescription management when an issue is not appropriate for a quick Patient Portal response & the physician’s time is required to analyze your case and provide an answer.

Payment for all charges is due at the time of service.