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Mind-Body Medicine

“If only one thing is healed in your life, it should be the separation between Mind and Body.” 

 –     Deepak Chopra

Our Practice Manager Allison Peacock is a modern day wise woman with deep expertise in Mind Body Medicine. She is a passionate teacher of Integrative Medicine approaches, including self-care, self-regulation and practical mindfulness. Allison utilizes many tools for helping our patients, all of it grounded in the Five Layers of Healing model.

Working with Allison can provide a deep dive exploration into your health and wellness that can be useful either as a stand-alone service or in coordination with your consultations with Dr. Reardon.

These sessions are helpful when:

•  Relieving stress or recovering from a period of intense stress
•  Addressing chronic illness or chronic pain
•  Preparing for surgery or recovering from surgery or illness
•  Healing from chronic negative lifestyle patterns, even those that run in your family
•  Moving into new living or working space
•  Recovering from a life transition or trauma
•  Feeling stuck in some area of your life
•  Feeling out of balance, depressed, or lethargic
•  Healing a specific issue you can’t seem to be able to solve
•  Retrieving parts of yourself that were lost to trauma
•  Feeling depleted or not fully empowered to be yourself.

Allison offers two types of services. Both can be held in the office, by phone, or by video.

Wellness Consulting

Your voice and your presence is so powerful. Your kindness and understanding helped me survive a horrific health experience and will give me the strength to make changes going forward.    –  Recent patient

As a 30-year spinal cord injury survivor, Allison has a lot of experience defying medical odds and following an integrative approach. She is a transformation and self-care expert whose specialty is helping our patients find the energy to make needed changes, face whatever is holding them back – and feel better.

Allison is a highly intuitive and loving coach with an empathic understanding of the emotions as a natural part of the healing process. As a sacred witness, she helps our patients gently explore the mental models and emotional distress syndromes that accompany illness and pain, bringing deeper and longer lasting healing.

Allison blends the latest understandings of neuroplasticity and self-regulation with a lifetime’s experience managing her own chronic pain without drugs for our patients needing help managing pain. She also has expertise in addressing PTSD, neurodiversity (ADD/ADHD, ASD), anxiety disorders, and parenting challenges, as well as working with highly sensitive persons and other healers.

Energy Medicine

I can’t express enough gratitude for our time together yesterday. You are such a healing presence in my life!    –   Recent patient

Founded upon the sacred ancient wisdom of earth-honoring indigenous ways of seeing the world, Allison’s healing ritual work also includes a healthy dose of the latest discoveries in medicine. A reiki master for over 20 years, she has also worked and trained closely with an indigenous elder and priest from Peru.

In addition to hands-on and ritual healing work, Allison also employs a unique, shamanic way of working with both aromatherapy and homeopathy to support Energy, Mental, and Archetypal layer healing. She also facilitates powerful ancestral healing, soul retrieval, and cord cutting experiences for her clients.

These sessions inspire a deeper connection to your own inner guidance, your personal spiritual guides and ancestors, and the natural world. This in turn, supports greater clarity and self-empowerment on your journey to get or stay well.


Sessions can include either or some of both of the above approaches, depending on individual patient needs.

First visit: 150.00 for 60 – 90 minutes of detailed intake
Individual sessions: 125.00 per 55 minute session
Packages: 500.00 for 5 sessions

A complimentary 15-minute pre-scheduling consultation is offered to explore whether these services are a good fit for your needs.

Please call Allison at 512-998-2944 to schedule all appointments.