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Physician-Focused Services

A 22-year veteran in the art of practicing medicine, Dr. Julie Reardon has always demonstrated leadership by assisting other physicians with wellness and career satisfaction. In her early days in a large practice in Washington, she coached her team to build greater interpersonal connection and job satisfaction. Her transition into Integrative Medicine in 2009 inspired her to dig even deeper into the heart of the healer within, and to continue acting as a source of inspiration for physician health and resilience in her peers.

Active on the Texas Medical Association’s Physician Health and Wellness Committee, she enjoys serving as a speaker and resource for her colleagues. She also regularly speaks at medical schools around the country on physician wellness and the practice of Integrative Medicine.

Beginning in early 2018, Dr. Reardon is expanding her mentorship offerings to include practitioner-only webinars and physician coaching. If you’d like to learn more about these services, please email Allison Peacock and ask to be added to our special practitioner-only email list.

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