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Physician Mentoring and Consulting

Dr. Julie Reardon’s mission is to be a resource and inspiration for doctors who want to practice medicine in a different, more life- enriching way.

“It starts with mindset about looking at the conflicts we see in medicine,” she says.

Her three-phase approach to this work is centered on modeling:

  • Greater connection with patients
  • Serving the heartfelt mission of the healer within
  • Inspiration and clinical solutions to system-wide change in the medical profession.

“I see the current challenges for those of us who practice medicine as an opportunity…a calling even, to grow for ourselves and for the system. This actually parallels what we want our patients to do in their own lives.”

In addition to working with physicians currently practicing in the conventional healthcare environment, Dr. Reardon is often called upon to offer inspiration and support to delivering Integrative Medicine in the clinical setting for physicians just beginning that journey.

For more information on mentoring programs coming in 2018, please email us and ask to be placed on the special notification list for medical professionals.