Limited Time Opportunity: Map Your Health Timeline

Lake Travis Integrative Medicine is testing a system that we believe will benefit our patients, as well as help our staff deliver better patient care more efficiently. LivingMatrix™ is a powerful, cloud-based tool that enables patients to easily document the unfolding phenomena that lead to ill health – a process that often occurs over many years, perhaps even a lifetime. This assessment offers the “Big Picture” so we can help you take the necessary steps to build back your health.

LivingMatrix™ results can help open up a conversation between you and Dr. Reardon about your unique health concerns if you’re experiencing symptoms. Or you may use them as a powerful self-care tool to help prevent illness.

The timeline the test constructs helps illustrate patterns and find correlations/triggers/mediators for symptoms. Each of us has a unique history that accumulates over time and holds the clues that can contribute significantly to creating a personalized plan to get back to or maintain optimal health.

Illness and disease do not appear overnight. They develop over time. Your health can even be influenced by events that occurred at or before birth or by your mother’s health years before you were born. Looking at the accumulation of all the small events that have occurred over your lifetime facilitates the understanding of where disease can come from.

Scientists are discovering that our genes and the way they are expressed are also influenced by what our ancestors may have experienced several generations ago. In fact, this discovery has spawned a whole new scientific discipline – epigenetics – which looks at how our nutrition, lifestyle, environment, and events in our daily life influence gene expression.

LivingMatrix™ was designed in collaboration with The Institute For Functional Medicine to ultimately optimize the intake process for new patients. It will also be a great tool for our existing patients who may want to try it. For this reason, we’re offering the experience to all existing patients at a deeply discounted test-only price of 35.00 for the month of May.

Patients who participate in our LivingMatrix™ test will walk away from the 60-90 minute online session with an understandable, easy-to-read view of your current health and a list of health goals. If necessary a visit with Dr. Reardon can support the identified goals with a functional medicine prescription or regimen. (Note: Any visits you wish to make to discuss the results with Dr. Reardon will be billed at the regular rate.)

The test must be taken on a desktop or laptop computer. No mobile devices are supported at this time. It is compatible with most browsers; however, it cannot be taken using Internet Explorer.

To take advantage of this deeply discounted price for LivingMatrix for the month of May only, please email Corrie to set up your online experience.


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Julie Reardon, MD has a passionate interest in empowering individuals to advocate for their own health. A leader in the growing movement of integrative and holistic physicians looking for a better way to serve the needs of their patients, she advocates an empowered and holistic mindset in the midst of a dysfunctional system that often fails to serve either doctor or patient well.

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