Wellness Groups

Dr. Julie Reardon’s innovative medical practice isn’t just for individuals. She offers several options in group wellness sessions and community-based healthy lifestyle activities built around her LIVE IT philosophy.


The LIVE IT HEALTH Meetup Group

Using the popular Meetup platform, the LIVE IT HEALTH Meetup is a community based forum for education and recreation with healthy lifestyle as the focus. Dr. Reardon and other practitioners that she trusts present information on various topics.

One of the hallmarks of this group, Walk with a Doc is a popular event in which Dr. Reardon gets out of the office with her patients, neighbors, and friends and walks Shoal Creek.

All LIVE IT HEALTH Meetup activities are open to the public. Many are offered free of charge.


Wellness Huddles – Small Group Consultations

Small group Wellness Huddles are a cost effective and fun way to get information and learn with others in similar situations. Patient education and inspiration is an important part of Doctor Julie’s practice. Our Wellness Huddles enable patients a chance to have personal questions answered on a range of topics while learning in a small group. The chemistry of the groups often lends itself to synergy not found in individual appointments.

Ideally, classes consist of 4-6 participants. Handouts are provided. Following a 30-60 minute lecture, there is 30 minutes of discussion time. Examples of topics well-suited to small group wellness sessions are: Managing ADD as a Family, Food as Medicine, Holistic Management of Diabetes, and more.

If you have a group of 4-6 participants with interest in a particular topic, please contact us for scheduling and pricing information.