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In-Depth Functional Health Assessments

In order to help streamline your consultations with Dr. Reardon, our wellness coaches administer several simple Functional Medicine and Wellness tests that will give us an in-depth look at your health.

If scheduled before a New Patient visit, these appointments can help you prepare for and make the most of your time with Dr. Reardon.

Others choose to use these visits after they’ve seen the doctor in order to add an extra boost to their healing journey or address specific issues she wants more information about before followups are scheduled.

Some of the tools we utilize to measure important aspects of your overall well-being include the following. Others may be added depending on your specific issues.

Brain Health, Function, and Nutrition Assessment

This functional medicine neurological screening evaluates early-stage neurodegeneration and the nutritional needs of your neurotransmitters. When most people hear the word “neurodegeneration” they think about diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or MS. But did you know that early-stage neurodegeneration can be the underlying cause of many other supposedly non-neurological kinds of illness such as chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases, gluten sensitivity and food allergies? These assessments will help Dr. Reardon identify or rule out any neurological changes that might be underlying various symptoms and illnesses.

In-Depth Depression Screening

Depression isn’t always obvious. Illness and pain can be a drain on both our physical reserves and our mood. And it’s hard to fight illness when you’re not at your strongest. Understanding exactly where you on the scale of depression can inform both your medical care and your lifestyle decisions.

Extensive Lifestyle Survey

Knowing more about your lifestyle helps ensure that we help look at everything you may be doing to get sick, or can be doing to get well. It also helps us to ensure we’re suggesting everything possible to help you feel better faster.

Medical Symptomology Assessment

This Functional Medicine screening evaluates symptoms that help to identify the underlying causes of illness.

The Five Layers of Healing

One of the foundations of our holistic style of practicing family medicine at Lake Travis Integrative Medicine is The Five Levels of Healing. Adapted from ancient yogic texts on healing the body, and further developed by a German physician in the 1980’s, these 5 distinct levels or layers make up the complete energetic blueprint of human body. Helping you track Physical, Energy, Mental, Intuitive, and Spiritual issues will greatly enhance your ability to get and stay well.


$250.00, includes a 90 minute *intake session and written report with lifestyle recommendations.

Assessments can be handled in person or via video.

*For clients working with Wellness Counselor Allison Peacock, this assessment takes the place of the regular new patient intake.