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New Patients

There are two distinct reasons that new patients reach out to Dr. Julie Reardon. She acts as both a Medical Consultant as well as a Primary Care Consultant. The first step to becoming a new patient is calling to make an appointment.

For some patients, she acts as an integrative medicine physician-consultant, helping to decipher and integrate information from multiple doctors, specialists, and complementary medical practitioners into a cohesive plan of action for regaining health.

For others, a new primary care relationship is the goal. Doctor Julie can become your go-to physician for most personal medical care issues within certain constraints. These are further described in her blog post about her unique Primary Care Consulting model.

Either way, the first step is making an appointment by clicking here. It is recommended that you bring all pertinent recent lab results and records from other practitioners with you to your first appointment. We also invite you to take a look at our Patient Resources Library for helpful educational materials on various Integrative and Functional Medicine topics.


Dr. Reardon’s plan is for you to be seen immediately at your scheduled time. In order to achieve this goal, we request that you complete your new patient forms prior to arrival. If it is not possible for you to complete your forms in advance, please arrive thirty minutes prior to the appointment time. They can be brought with you to your visit or faxed to 512-309-5437. Faxing is preferred, as this will send them directly into your secure electronic medical record and save time during your visit.

Adult Intake Form
Additional Health Intake Form for Women
Medical Release of Information


  • Initial Consultation:  675.00, includes up to 2 hours of dedicated visit (As of 1/1/2018)
  • In-office Follow Up: 45-50 minutes, 325.00
  • In-office Extended Follow Up: 75 minutes, 375.00
  • Video Visits/Telemedicine: See the Video Visits page for current rate information
  • Phone follow ups: 75.00 for up to 10 minutes; 10 to 20 minutes 150.00; 20 to 30 min 225.00
  • Medication Management: 75.00 charged for clinical advice or prescription management depending on the required response. There are cases when an issue is not appropriate for a quick portal response & the physician’s time is required to analyze and answer.

For patients interested in a long-term relationship, wellness packages are available at reduced rates.  Please inquire with Dr. Reardon about these at your first visit.


In order to give you the extended time and attention necessary to treat you in an integrative manner, you can expect that each new patient visit will take up to 2 hours. During your visit Dr. Reardon will listen carefully to your health concerns, review your medical history, and perform a physical examination as deemed necessary.  She will work with you to develop an individualized plan for you to reach your specific health goals.


Payment is due at the time of service via cash, check, or credit card. In order to focus her energy on improving your health and well being Dr. Reardon does not contract with any insurance carriers or Medicare. Medicare patients can see her under private contract; however, Medicare will not reimburse for these visits.         

Dr. Reardon requires 24 hours notice for a changed or canceled appointment due to the generous amount of time allotted per visit. Last minute cancellation fees are equal to the charge for the visit.

If you have more questions before you call, contact Dr. Reardon by email.